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The firstborn collection under the brand BOW M by Maayan Bronfman ‘became public’ In April 2019

The brand addresses independent and daring women who understand that high fashion can fit the busy day to day life as well, and that every woman can express herself by the outfit she is wearing.

As a creator, I pay great attention to choosing my fabrics with a strong belief that high quality textile

makes a woman feel comfortable with the outfit she is wearing.

It is important for me to express compilations of fabric and textiles which I ‘sculpture’ them together into a cloth by creating a combination of volumes and new shapes that are ‘putting together’ the new-born outfit.

My collections express soft, yet daring drama, characterized with a line which is ‘free’ of woman’s body, yet reflecting the personal style of the woman wearing the cloth.

All the items were designed and sewn in Israel, based on faith that a product ‘made in Israel’ is supporting the Israeli economy and encouraging local high-quality creation.

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